Doing a Little Something to your Site is Better than Doing Nothing

Recently, I have gotten back into roadracing motorcycles after a 7 year hiatus (here are some photos that Yermo took this past weekend, 2008-09-20).  Before the weekend, I had to get some minor repairs done to my leathers.  I called and talked to Connie at Vanson (the company that made the leathers) and they asked me the last time that I’d given them a cleaning.  I had to admit that it had been quite a long time.  A full-on → Continue reading “Doing a Little Something to your Site is Better than Doing Nothing”

How to Reorganize Your Website Without Reducing Your Traffic

Nobody keeps the same website forever.
  Websites get redesigned and on a regular basis.  Websites also need their content updated or reorganized to keep up with a growing business or organization.

When you change the structure of your site (move pages, rename them, or delete them altogether) you could be losing valuable traffic and costing your business or organization signups, purchases, or more.

One of the primary ways that a site generates traffic is from people clicking on links
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The Nuts and Bolts of Domain Name Ownership

That’s not to say that the proper care and feeding of a domain is overly complex. But before we get into the those details let’s go over some core domain related terminology:

  • IP Address:  A unique numerical address for a server that hosts any Internet service.
  • DNS: Which stands for “Domain Name System.” The primary purpose of DNS is to make it easy for people to access web pages and send e-mails.  DNS translates a given domain name into the
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5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Legal Checkup Now!

This month we welcome a guest contributor, Chip Cooper, a leading information technology, software, and Internet attorney with over 25+ years in practice.  Chip operates, a cost-effective, online contract drafting service for drafting website legal compliance contracts featuring “do-it-myself” and “do-it-for-me” options.

It’s extremely important for website businesses to stay on top of new legal risks, as well as new opportunities, as they develop.  So, I highly recommend that you sign up for Chip’s FREE newsletter, Website Law Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Legal Checkup Now!”

Boost the Effectiveness of your Contact Form . . . Respond Promptly!

So you have a Contact Us form on your site, with which, customers and prospects can easily send you an e-mail.  That’s all well and good, but if you don’t respond to those e-mails in a timely manner you could lose a potential new client.
This all ties into basic, human psychology.  People want instant gratification and they want it on their terms.  Which is one of the reasons why providing a contact form is so important.  It enables a → Continue reading “Boost the Effectiveness of your Contact Form . . . Respond Promptly!”

Your Most Popular Entry Page and Its Impact on Layout and Design

Knowing your most popular entry point helps you determine the kind of content that is driving traffic to your site.  This in turn helps you determine what kind of changes and additional content you should add to your site to help boost your success.  There are a number of different tracking and reporting packages that can answer this question.  NBI provides a hosted tracking solution called goalTracker which enables you to answer that and many other questions about your website → Continue reading “Your Most Popular Entry Page and Its Impact on Layout and Design”

Building Value in the Internet Age

In age where it’s easy to copy anything that can be put on the Internet, how do you build and maintain value in intellectual property that is perceived as something that should be free?

Here is an excellent article by Kevin Kelly and articulates this new paradigm.→ Continue reading “Building Value in the Internet Age”

“Under Construction” means “I’ll never get to it”

When people see a website with an “Under Construction” or similar message it typically translates to “This site will never be updated, don’t bother coming back”.

A much better approach is to publish whatever content you have, and add to it later.
There are two main reasons why the “Under Construction” message has turned into the kiss of death for a website:

  • It’s so over used
  • and in many cases that message will sit on a website for
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Write Your Website Content with Your Visitor In Mind

During website content discussions with clients, NBI frequently hears the same three questions:

  1. "What should we say about ourselves?
  2. What do we want our website visitors to do on our site?
  3. and how do we make it easy for them to do what we want?"

Our response to these questions is "Tell us about information that your typical prospect is looking for when they first contact you."

The answer to this question helps you craft content that is → Continue reading “Write Your Website Content with Your Visitor In Mind”