kubectl/k8s Cheat Sheet

  • Namespaces
    • List all namespaces: kubectl get namespace
    • Set a namespace: kubens <namespace-name>
    • See currently set namespace: kubens -c
  • Pods
    • List all pods: kubectl get pods
    • List all pods in specific namespace: kubectl get pods -n <namespace>
    • Kill a pod: kubectl delete pod <pod-name>
    • Describe/get details of pod: kubectl describe pods <pod-name>
    • InitContainers
      • Get logs: First describe the pod and look for the name of the init container. Then run kubectl logs <pod-name> -c <init-container-name>
  • Deployments
    • Get the manifest for a deployment: kubectl get deploy <deployment-name> -o yaml
    • Scaling a deployment: kubectl scale --replicas=<n> deployment/<deployment-name>
    • Gen env vars defined on a pod: kubectl exec <pod> -- env
  • ConfigMaps
    • View data in a ConfigMap: kubectl describe configmaps <name>

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