Making the Switch to a Standing Desk

A few years back I had an office mate who used a standing desk.  He said that he had been using a standing desk for many years and that once he got used to it he liked it much better.  Since then, I have noticed a number of studies that indicate sitting for extended periods of time is just plain bad for you.

For a while I have been wanting to make the switch, and today I took the plunge.

I’ve still got a number of issues to sort out to get things right:

  • I’ve got to get the height correct for my keyboard and mouse
  • I’ve got to get another MicroSoft Natural Keyboard Elite (which looks like isn’t in production any more but is the best keyboard I’ve ever used
  • Get a proper set of shoes for standing
  • Depending on the shoes, get a stress matt

I will post some photos and a follow up once I’ve got everything sorted out.

The Proper Shoes



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