[SOLVED] What is the right type of glue for heated motorcycle grips?

Last winter I finally put a set of heated grips on my street bike. I went with a variable setting model from Koso, which happens to make all sorts of awesome electrical components for motorcycles. They suggested using Krazy glue to adhere them to the clipon and throttle and I did not want to go that way. I read a number of posts that suggested using regular grip glue or hairspray. I tried both and they didn’t work. As soon as the grips came up to temperature they melted the glue and I then had a spinning grip.

I decided to try some J-B Weld Hi-temp RTV and that seems to work like a champ. After cleaning the clipon and throttle with acetone I put a very thin coat on the clipon and throttle and then another super thin layer inside the grip. Then slid the grips on and put them in position and wiped off any excess RTV on both sides of the grip. After letting it sit for a few days tested it out and it has worked great so far.

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