The $300M Terrorist Training/Recruiting Camp

Wasn’t that nice of us?  I’m certain all of our "enemies" would send us a thank you card if they didn’t think it might endanger their lives.  I’m certain they all think thankful thoughts though, so don’t worry.

Why are they so thankful?  Every tax payer in the USA is currently funding the largest terrorist trainging and recruiting camp in history, Iraq.  And $300,000,000.00 goes a long way  . . .

Iraq is now a central hub in the "war on terror" because the current US administration botched the peacemaking part of the invasion. They didn’t listen to our military leaders and didn’t prepare for winning the peace.

As a result, we’ve now got the largest terrorist training and recruiting camp on the planet.  And we are paying for it out of our own pockets and our own future.

The terrorists (as they have been labeled) are loving it!  They get face-to-face combat training with us, get to watch our tactics, probe our weaknesses, and gather tons of intel on all of our systems and behaviour.  And they have some very smart people who are taking full advantage of the distributed nature of their organization and the weaknesses of the large bureaucratic nature of our "modern" organized forces.

. . . .more to come . . .

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