Why We Need to Standardize National Elections

Ever since day 1 there has been the struggle between Federal and States Rights/Power.

Regardless of whether the electoral college continues as a part of our voting system we need to standardize and revamp the voting system for national elections in the United States of America.
Because how someone votes in Alabama effects the lives of people in
Oregon and the rest of the 50 states everyone in this country should
see the same ballot and vote in exactly the same way.

What needs to happen is that the Presidential Election needs to be
separated from the local elections.  I think that local judges, school
board, State and local laws and how they are voted on are the
responsibility of the individual state.  As a Marylander, I could care
less how people in Texas conduct their local elections.  However, since
those folks cast a ballot that directly impacts my life, I want some
Federal/National accountability on it.

. . . more to come . . .

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